Sam McManus is a current seminary student living in Louisville, KY. To connect with Sam, follow him on Instagram or reach to us below.

Hey, I’m Sam.

I help guys reframe singleness as a pursuit of what matters most.

Many people spend their single season wishing it away, but what if you began to shift your approach towards where you are in life right now and go all in? The truth is, singleness affords you unique opportunities that no other season in life can offer you.

In fact, I believe that singleness exists for 4 reasons:

Uncover Identity
Find Freedom
Notice Opportunities
Pursue Wisely

These 4 Pillars are the bedrock to my teachings and I believe that you each one of these are things you can begin to do right now in your life. You can learn more about the 4 Pillars of Singleness and reframe your current season in the Discovering Singleness online course.

Don’t waste your single years on worldly stuff that only provides short term satisfaction; it’s time to reframe how you have been viewing your singleness and begin to pursue the things that matter most.

Be sure to check out some of my resources including my new book and useful articles.

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