10 Prayers from The Prayerful Pursuit


Stop praying away your single years.

Discover 10 unique prayers for the single man and start changing your life today.

This is a free downloadable file of the first 10 prayers from Sam McManus’ new book The Prayerful Pursuit.


Every single prayer can change your future.

Do you ever find yourself asking, “Why am I still single?” Have you ever considered that your singleness now is an opportunity to prepare for your future? What would it look like for you to pursue your future through prayer?

Prayer during this season has the potential to radically transform and reshape the direction of your life. Instead of praying the single season away, pray a godly future into being. This book will teach you how to be with God in unordinary and wild prayerful conversations in anticipation for what’s ahead.

The Prayerful Pursuit contains prayers focusing on three categories: “me,” “she” and “we.” Using these 75 scripted prayers, you can discover strength and healing in your current season of singleness, pray for your future wife in her life today, and ask the Lord for his blessing for your married life down the road.

Learn how to actively pursue your future through the habit of prayer.