Are you frustrated with your single life?

Single guys know they are single for a reason, but have a hard time figuring out what that reason is. Join us as we unpack your singleness and usher you into a more content life!


A Life of Contentment

What if you began to love the single season of life you are in right now? What if you began to notice unique opportunities and understand why God has you in this season right now? You’re tired of being discontent with your singleness; it’s time to take back your life and reframe your singleness.

Reframing Singleness

Uncover Identity

In Week 1, learn what it looks like to operate from your true identity and discover your God-given purpose. Plus, we’ll explore if you’re called to a single life to not and explore what the Bible says about singleness and marriage.

Find Freedom

We’ll take a deep dive into your past so that you can walk freely into the future. We all have wounds and you can become stronger if you work through those pain-points. In Week 2, you’ll unpack issues of pornography, anger, unforgiveness, and more.

Notice Opportunities

Singleness affords you opportunities that no other season of life affords. Financial freedom, establishing servanthood and even building conflict. You’ll unpack all 10 opportunities in Week 3.

Pursue Wisely

You know the guy is supposed to pursue the woman, but why? In Week 4, we’ll discover why men are called to pursue, where to do it, when you know you’re ready, and how you can do it too.

What’s Included

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Need some more info?

Here are some of the questions we’ll be unpacking during our time together:

Week 1

  • Why am I still single?
  • Am I called to a life of singleness?
  • Is marriage better than singleness?
  • What is my purpose in life?
  • What is my identity? And how do I find it in Christ?
  • What do I do with skills that I know I have?
  • Is singleness really what God wants for my life?
  • What am I falsely believing about my singleness?

Week 2

  • How is my past going to affect my future?
  • What do I do with my current struggles?
  • Why is community so important?
  • How do I know if I am addicted to something?
  • How do I find freedom from drinking?
  • Do I need accountability?
  • What does the bible say about the Spirit, the soul, and the body within me?

Week 3

  • What opportunities are there for me right now?
  • Is it bad if I spend my time watching Netflix?
  • If I’m in a job I hate, what can I do to live out my purpose?
  • Do I need a mentor?
  • What are spiritual rhythms?
  • How can singleness be used as a time to build conflict?
  • How do I cultivate a habit of resting like Scripture tells us to?
  • Should I be focused on my physical body appearance during singleness?

Week 4

  • What does it mean to pursue?
  • Why do men pursue women?
  • What does Jesus say about pursuit?
  • Where can I meet quality girls to date?
  • How can I pursue a woman like Christ pursued?
  • How do I know if I am ready for a relationship?
  • Does God want me to be single or to date?
  • How long does pursuit last?
  • Am I looking in the wrong places for girls?

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Ready to transform your single life? We’re offering our course for just $50 right now! Click below to get started!