4 Reasons You Should Be Praying

May 2021

By: Sam McManus

How many times have you heard the phrase “Just pray about it?” Many people know that they are supposed to pray, but why exactly should you be praying? There are 4 important reasons you should pray continuously in your life:

  1. You’re Commanded to Pray

Did your mom ever tell you to do something growing up and when you asked her “Why,” she responded with “Because I said so?” There are some things in life we are asked to do and we must do them wholeheartedly without leaving room for arguing

2. Prayer Tests Your Faith

Even though you’re commanded to do something, it doesn’t always mean you’ll follow through. God asks you to pray and watches to see your obedience as a means of evaluating your trust and faithfulness to him.

3. Prayer Unlocks God’s Plan

God invites you into a relationship with him through prayer so that you can play a part in unlocking the plan God has for the world. God knows the prayers you are going to pray, and those prayers are stepping-stones for what is to come.

4. Prayer Anchors Your Relationship with God

Ever wondered why an all-knowing, all powerful, and forever existent God would ask you to pray to him? He does it so that you remain tethered to him in an intimate relationship with him. Afterall, God is deeply relational, and he longs to hear from you daily.

When you begin to realize the purpose behind prayer, you’ll start to pray more radical and meaningful prayers over your life. Don’t settle for simple boring prayers that you’ve prayer hundreds of times before; begin to change your life today by changing your prayers.

If you aren’t sure what to start praying as a single guy, I wrote 75 different prayers you can begin praying right now in my new book The Prayerful Pursuit.


Sam McManus is a current seminary student who is passionate about helping men pursue what matters most. As a single guy serving other single guys, Sam enjoys speaking to men’s struggles through his book, articles, and online course. He now lives in Louisville, Kentucky where the Lord continues to use his season of singleness as a platform.

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