Using Singleness to Serve

May 2021

By: Sam McManus

It’s easy to become selfish when you’re single. Afterall, you don’t have a spouse and children you are providing for and you have the freedom to pick and choose virtually everything you do daily. 

However, thinking about yourself too often can be dangerous. The truth is, when all you think about is you, you might accidentally make an idol out of yourself. This is why in your single season it’s important to constantly shift the focus from yourself to the lives of others around you.

Serving is a great antidote to selfishness and as a single guy, you have a the opportunity to serve more often during this season of your life. But what exactly does that look like?

I like to think about serving in these three capacities:


Every day, ask yourself, “What am I doing today to make someone’s life better?” Some ideas here include sending encouragement to a friend over text, praying for your friends, or giving complements to someone else. Serving doesn’t always have to look like an all-day event!


What would it look like to give up a couple hours a week to make your neighborhood a better place? Be sure to get involved with a local ministry or organization such as a church, food pantry, homeless shelter and begin going all out each week. You never know who you’ll meet and how encouraged you’ll be when you leave. There are more opportunities in your city than you think.


Have you thought about being creative in the ways you serve others? What does it look like to serve others with your finances, or could you donate some of your unused household items to someone else? You could also mentor a younger guy at church or sponsor a child overseas. Use your own passions and talents and start being creative in how you give your resources away.

There is a mysterious equation when it comes to serving. To most in the world, serving is something that will drain you, your bank account, and your time, but in God’s economy, serving will always leave you more filled up then when you started. Don’t’ delay and use this unique time in your life to help others improve theirs!


Sam McManus is a current seminary student who is passionate about helping men pursue what matters most. As a single guy serving other single guys, Sam enjoys speaking to men’s struggles through his book, articles, and online course. He now lives in Louisville, Kentucky where the Lord continues to use his season of singleness as a platform.

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