Am I Too Content in My Singleness?

August 2020

Written by: Sam McManus

6 minute read

It’s the single life.  You’ve got time, a little extra spending money, and you don’t have to check with your significant other before you make plans with the boys this weekend.  Being a single guy is no doubt pretty fun, but how do we know if we are becoming too content with our lives right now?

Here are 3 quick questions you can ask yourself today to make sure you are spending your single years the right way:

1. How am I chasing the God-given purpose I have on my life right now?

God has given every human a specific and unique purpose.  Your purpose is what you were put on this earth to do and discovering this in our lives requires persistent prayer and mature reflection.  Our purpose combines our deepest passions, our greatest talents, and the results that matter most to us.  Uncovering each of these three areas in your life will help you reveal what your life purpose is, and your purpose will help you understand how you should be spending your time.

The single years you find yourself in right now have a purpose behind them.  It’s okay to be content right now while you are single as long as you are being active, living out your God-given purpose and pursue things in life that really matter and can make a difference in your life and the lives of others.  Take the chance to discover your God-given purpose and don’t wait to be married before you begin living that out. 

2. Are the habits in my life right now the same habits I want to bring into a relationship?

Sometimes contentment could mean we’re complacent. Take inventory of your current schedule and hobbies and inspect them to see if they align with your life’s calling and the person that you want to be five years down the road.  Construct life-building habits today such as learning how to steward your finances wisely, developing your personal leadership growth, or serving others more often so that you may reap the residual benefits of these habits over time.  Every day you have the chance to lead yourself and integrate positive practices that can help you become a better version of yourself. Get a head start now and bring these positive habits into your marriage down the road!

3. Are there any wounds in my own life I should begin to work through?

This is a big one.  Take some time to think through any struggles, past wounds, unforgiveness, anger, or poor habits in your life that you can begin to work through so that you may find freedom from these before you enter into a relationship.  As you notice these things, it is critical to walk through these past wounds in healthy community with a trusted friends and mentors.

The single years are fun years, and for most of us, they won’t last forever.  It’s a blessing to be content in this season, but the contentment must be a byproduct of the constructive opportunities you are uncovering with your singleness.   Make sure you are putting an active foot forward and pursuing things that really matter.

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